Erebus,1st King of the Endermen
Born Unknown,presumably during the creation of Crafter's server
Eye Color Bright white
Hair Color Has no hair but has dark red skin
Affilitation Monsters
Rank King of the Endermen (original),General (Malacoda),King of the Monsters (after Malacoda's defeat)

Erebus was an Enderman who was one of the Commanders in the Villager-Monster War.


While Gameknight999 was fighting monsters Erebus came over and attacked him,after winning and teleporting Gameknight woke up the next day.

Erebus' Monsters came to the village again but it was fortified and the monsters where defeated.

The next battle came in the Alamo. Erebus died when the TNT trap was set of by Gameknight killing everyone present at the Alamo leading to a stalemate.

He respawned in the next server and attacked Malacoda's prisoners and he was reduced to a General. After telling his Withers to attack Malacoda they were all killed.

He later participated during the Battle of the Nether and went to the source through the Portal to the Source. He later met the Shadow Crafters and joined forces with them.

He fought against Malacoda and won and took control of the army but met his permanent fate when Gameknight,Hunter and Stitcher poured water on him causing him to die with his troops retreating. Puting a temporary end to the Villager-Monster War.


  • Erebus is a Greek god who represents the personfication of Darkness and is the son of Chaos