NOTE:The ranks listed here are only guesses at the names and only the first letter of the rank should start with a capitol

"The villagers on this server are putting their lives on the line to defend this world and yours!"

Crafter Gameknight999's army was an army of players,villagers and possibly Iron Golems that defended the source from the monsters.

Known RanksEdit

Rank Name Role
Commander of all forces Commands the entire army. Crafter and Gameknight999 held this rank. Equivalent to King to monsters
Secondary command Commands the army. Only one known person has held this rank. Equivalent to Generals to monsters.
Commander Commands a considerable section of the army.
Player defender Similar to a Warrior but can also have bow.
Warrior Has no command over other soldiers and melees monsters.
Scout Scouts out for enemies.
Archer One of the lowest ranks,attacks enemies from a distance.

Known MembersEdit

Name Rank
Gameknight999 Commander of all forces
Crafter Commander of all Forces
Mason Secondary command
Shawny Commander
Hunter Commander
Stitcher Commander
Herder Commander
Digger Commander
phaser_98 (possibly) Player defender
King_Creeperkiller (possibly) Player defender
Disko42 Player defender
PaulSeerSr. Player defender
HoneyDon't Player defender
AntPosion Player defender
SkyKid Player defender
Zefus Player defender
Sin Player defender
Pips Player defender
SgtSprinkles Player defender


  • Most of the player members are named after YouTubers,including Gameknight.